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Drive with us.

Investing in mass transit as a transporter with Airlift is a great way to boost your utilization on your vehicles.

We offer the opportunity to become one of the largest fleet managers in your area. We support you in managing your bookings through our application, guaranteeing a return on your investment. We provide you access to track your vehicles, kilometers covered and provide you with access to live tracking.

If interested in how you can partner with Airlift, reach out to us at

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Becoming an Airlift Pilot.

Technical Training

Technical Training

  • Using the Airlift Pilot Application
  • Emergency Response Plan/Execution Training
  • First Aid/Fire extinguisher
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Eco-driving habits
Soft Skills Training

Soft Skills Training

  • Introduction to Airlift
  • Your Role as a Pilot
  • Definition of 5-star Service
Required Documentation

Required Documentation

  • We have established a minimum security requirements policy which includes all valid documentation such as identity cards, licenses, vehicle registration etc...