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Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Airlift work?

Airlift runs on fixed routes that touch major residential areas and commercial hubs. As a user, you can:


What routes do you have?

Currently, Airlift runs routes across most major areas in Lahore & Karachi. You can view our routes on our Android or iOS apps and suggest new routes within the mobile application. You can also reach out to us at support@rideairlift.com if you have questions.

When will you launch my route?

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm when we will launch a given route. It takes a lot of planning and analysis to figure out which routes to launch first. We try to prioritize high demand routes. You can accelerate our path to launching your specific route by getting your friends, colleagues and family members to submit a suggestion for that route in our app.

Can I use this service for my school-going children?

Unfortunately, we are not offering services to children who are less than 16 years old. Our model requires users to book a seat on our app and walk to the stop. That is often challenging for young children for security purposes.

Will you be picking me up from my door-step?

We do not offer door to door services at the moment but at Airlift our aim is to offer maximum convenience and efficiency to all our customers; we will be designing our routes and stops in a manner that our customers should not have to walk for more than 4 to 5 minutes to get to one of our designated stops.


What is the booking cut-off time?

You can place your bookings up to 15 minutes prior to the route starting time. As an example, if your route starts at 8:15 am, you can place your booking anytime before 8:00 am. After 8:00 am, bookings will be closed, and you will not be able to place a booking.

I am an iPhone user, how can I place my booking?

Our iOS app is now available on AppStore.

Can I place multiple bookings at a time? Can I book for the entire month?

We are actively working on enabling a batch booking functionality in our app through which users will be able to place bookings for the entire month/week.

My friend wants to travel with me on the same route, can I place a booking for them using my account?

Our app allows you to place only one booking with your account. You can place a booking for your friend by having them sign up on our mobile app with their own account, or by doing the same on our iOS app.

Can I order an Airlift anytime I want?

Our vans operate on fixed routes at fixed times. All our route timings are displayed in our app -- you can select whichever time slots suits you best. You cannot order an Airlift for any time -- we do not have an “on demand” model.

If you want to book a bus for a particular event or occasion, you can submit a request on our website with all the details and our team will contact you.

How will I board my bus?

Once you have placed your booking, you can go to the “My rides” section in your app. Your latest booking will be showing at the top, tap on “track” and you can get directions to your stop on Google maps. On boarding the bus, the driver will ask for your name to confirm your booking with the data in our system. If you haven't placed a booking, you will not be able to board.


What payment options do I have? Will I pay on a per-ride basis?

We have set up payment gateways which are integrated with our app -- customers can use their credit/debit cards and easypaisa on our mobile app to purchase ride packages.

Once you have purchased a ride package, your wallet balance will be updated accordingly with Airlift Credits(1 Airlift Credit=1 PKR).

What is your per ride rate? Will it remain the same?

We will be introducing distance based pricing soon. For now when booking a ride, the Airlift platform will present a fixed total cost of the ride based on the shortest distance between the pick up and drop off point. You will be able to review the total fare before confirming your booking.